DARPA Call for Proposals on “big data” (XDATA)

DARPA-BAA-12-38: XDATA is a call for proposals by DARPA on “big data”. Abstracts (not required, 4 pages) due April 20.  Proposals due May 30.

From the announcement:

The XDATA program seeks to develop computational techniques and software tools for analyzing large volumes of data, both semi-structured (e.g., tabular, relational, categorical, meta-data) and unstructured (e.g., text documents, message traffic). Central challenges to be addressed include a) developing scalable algorithms for processing imperfect data in distributed data stores, and b) creating effective human-computer interaction tools for facilitating rapidly customizable visual reasoning for diverse missions.

Proposals are encouraged from diverse areas of expertise including computer scientists, electrical engineers, statisticians, computational biologists, applied mathematicians, econometricians, economists, and others, groups with experience processing large amounts of data and/or visualizing information.

As always, when you think DARPA, think demo, though this BAA seems fairly algorithms-friendly.  Since it is probably too late to put together an abstract if you are just hearing about this for the first time, standard advice is to contact the program manager if you are interested in submitting.  Also if anyone would like to guest-blog about experiences/advice regarding DARPA from a TCS perspective, please feel free to contact any of us on the CATCS.


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