Simons Institute Call for Proposals

The Simons Institute for the Theory of Computing has a Call for Proposals for semester-long programs in the year 2014 (Spring or Fall).  Deadline July 15, 2012.

From the CFP:

  • A typical program is organized by a group of 4-6 Organizers, who will oversee the scientific content and issue invitations to others to participate. Most of the Organizers are expected to be in residence for a substantial portion of the program.
  • The following figures give a rough idea of the scale of a typical semester-long program. The core participants consist of about 30-35 long-term (one month or more, ideally full semester) visitors, including the Organizers. These would typically include about 15-20 faculty, 6-10 postdocs, and 5-15 visiting and local graduate students. The program would typically include two or three week-long workshops during the semester, each of which attracts an additional 30-35 people. There will also be an introductory intensive course at the start of the program, and a week-long reunion workshop one year after the end of the program. The Organizers receive a budget that is intended to provide partial salary and expenses support for visitors, based on need.
  • The Institute is committed to identifying programs that can potentially lead to substantial advances in the field, rather than “business as usual.” In keeping with this objective, we particularly encourage programs that bring together two or more distinct groups of researchers with related interests (some of which may lie outside theoretical CS) who do not generally collaborate on a regular basis; programs that seek to define an agenda for a relatively new subfield; or programs that propose a novel and timely attack on major open problems.

For more information about what a proposal should look like and how to submit, see the Simons Institute Call for Proposals.