NSF Algorithmic Foundations and SaTC solicitations

NSF has released its 2013-14 solicitations for its Core Programs, including the “Algorithmic Foundations (AF)” program, which is the core program focused on theoretical computer science.  Contrary to possible historical reputations, the AF program has had quite reasonable grant sizes and funding rates in recent years, so do consider sending a proposal!  The relevant deadlines are:

– medium proposals ($500k-$1.2m): Oct 15
– large proposals ($1.2m-$3m): Nov 19
– small proposals ($0-$500k): Jan 17.

Note that the small deadline is now in January, rather than December.

The same deadlines also apply for the Secure and Trustworthy Cyberspace (SaTC) program, which funds a lot of TCS work in cryptography, security, and privacy.   Instead of a “large” category, the SaTC program has “frontier” proposals, which can be as large as $10m.  And it also accepts proposals in “cybersecurity education,” with a deadline of Dec 19.

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