STOC ’17 Workshop Deadline

From Avrim Blum on behalf of the STOC 2017 Theory Fest Workshop Committee:

This year’s STOC conference will be part of a 5-day Theory Fest
ending with a day of workshops.  If you have ideas for a good workshop
topic, submit a proposal!  Proposals can be *just one page long*, and
the deadline for submission is *February 13*.

As stated on the website:

One of the goals of Theory Fest is to create a vibrant ecosystem
of workshops as exists in some other fields of CS, where workshops
may even have their own calls for papers and poster sessions. The
Theory Fest Workshop Day provides an informal forum for
researchers to discuss important research questions, directions,
and challenges of the field. We also encourage workshops that
focus on connections between theoretical computer science and
other areas, topics that are not well represented at STOC, new
directions, and open problems.

For more info, see