Call for Nominations: SIGACT Distinguished Service Award

From the SIGACT executive committee:

The Theory community benefits in many ways from the dedicated service, above and beyond the call of duty, of many of its members. Among other contributions, the field’s members underpin the operation of conferences, journals, prizes, funding agencies, and other community activities, help ensure funding for the field, and promote the recognition of the field by external communities. The SIGACT Distinguished Service Award is intended to recognize and promote their contributions, as well as to raise awareness of the need for and importance of such service, for the health of our community. The award is given annually to an individual or group who has made substantial service contributions to the Theoretical Computer Science community.

The award can be given to an individual or a group of individuals, for a single contribution or for a series of contributions over a career. All living individuals are eligible with the exception of the sitting SIGACT Chair, an individual or a group of individuals who nominated a majority of the current selection committee members, or a member of the current selection committee.

Deadline for Nominations
This year’s nomination deadline is March 21, 2022, 11:59 EDT.

Please see the full call at the SIGACT website at for more information.

We are grateful to Paul Beame, Dieter van Melkebeek, and Rebecca Wright (chair) who have kindly agreed to serve as the selection committee.

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