Call for TCS Job Market profiles

CATCS is resuming the effort to collect and disseminate profiles of theory researchers who are going on the job market during the 2022-23 academic year, complementing the job postings collected under the Jobs tab.  The goals are to provide:

  • a platform to job-seekers to advertise their credentials and
  • an interface for institutions/individuals with open positions to find prospective candidates.

Candidates can fill out this form, which asks for basic information, graduation date (past or future), cv, bio, research summary, etc.

The responses will be reviewed and, if approved, edited and posted on Theory Matters starting on Oct 15, 2022. There is no deadline, but for responses received after Oct 15, please allow two weeks for review before your profile appears on the website. Responses received by Oct 15 will have summaries published in the following issue of SIGACT News (Dec’22 issue).

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