ACM survey on math requirements for the CS major

The ACM/IEEE-CS/AAAI CS2023 Curricular Task Force is working on updating the undergraduate CS curriculum guidelines for the next decade. They have distributed a survey about the role of math in that curriculum, which is of direct interest to the TCS community. Please consider taking the survey so your opinion is heard!

From the Task Force:


Dear educator,

What math should undergraduate Computer Science students know?

The CS2023 Task Force is collecting (and will share!) input from the community on this very important topic both as a useful “sense of the community” for everyone and, pertinent to our immediate goal, to shape our decennial curricular recommendations.

We invite you to fill out a survey:

As you fill out this survey, we ask you to reflect on:

  • Discrete mathematics: student preparedness, topics covered, what’s missing?
  • What should come beyond discrete mathematics, if anything?
  • What do the new high-growth areas (AI, ML, quantum computing, data science) need by way of mathematical preparation?
  • Do most CS jobs need much mathematics, and do current mathematical requirements pose a barrier to some populations of students?

Thank you in advance for taking the time to fill out the survey!

If you believe that other colleagues in your department can contribute, please forward the survey link to them.

Amruth Kumar and Rajendra Raj

On behalf of the of the ACM/IEEE-CS/AAAI CS2023 Curricular Task Force

NOTE: By participating, you agree that we may use your responses for this study; and that this data may be presented in aggregate form (with no personally identifying information) in articles or websites.