Advice and Tips

Tips for Writing Proposals, Grant Reports, and Highlights

Tips for Writing for a Broad Scientific Audience (Science, Nature, PNAS, etc.)

  • Advice from TCS researchers, collected by Ryan O’Donnell and supplied by Dimitris Achlioptas, Noga Alon, Ziv Bar-Joseph, Jop Briet, Harry Buhrman, Andrew Childs, Toby Cubitt, Tiziana DiMatteo, David Donoho, Zeev Dvir, Vitaly Feldman, Joe Fitzsimons, Leslie Ann Goldberg, Moritz Hardt, Mark Jerrum, Manor Mendel, Tom Mitchell, Michael Mitzenmacher, Cris Moore, Joe Neeman, Michael Nielsen, Christos Papadimitriou, Omer Reingold, Federico Ricci-Tersenghi, Aaron Roth, Umesh Vazirani, Santosh Vempala, Eric Vigoda, Van Vu, Stephanie Wehner, Andy Yao, Grigory Yaroslavtsev, Amir Yehudayoff, and Lenka Zdeborová.

TCS Wikipedia Project

  • Advice for researchers and educators interested in improving the quality of TCS entries on Wikipedia, collected by Shuchi Chawla.
  • Check out (and perhaps add to) the list of TCS entries that need to be created or updated here.
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