CATCS reports

Reports on Funding and Challenges for (T)CS

SIGACT Committee Reports 2005+ | Older Reports for TCS | Reports for all of CS

SIGACT Committee on the Advancement of TCS: 2005-present

Older Reports on Challenges and Funding for TCS

  • A NSF-sponsored Committee report from 1999 that outlined the future challenges for theoretical computer science. This report called the TCS budget at the time (about $7.5M) “dangerously insufficient” and also recommendedat least doubling it.

  • A followup to the above committee report that listed future challenges for TCS research.

Reports on Challenges and Funding for all of CS

  • Two blogs that act as clearinghouses of information on public policy and funding issues affecting the computing community in general: the CRA blog, and the ACM Technology Policy Blog.

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