Highlights from STOC presentation

Since there wasn’t time to go through the full CATCS Report during the STOC business meeting last week, here are a few items of note.

And many upcoming deadlines:


US-Israel BSF Travel Grants for Young Scientists


BSF is announcing the availability of funds for short scientific trips by young American or Israeli scientists to the other country. In 2015 the program will have two calls and each will support 10 trips. Grants will be $4,000 each.  The program is open to PhD students doing research that requires facilities or expertise that are not available in their home countries.  The deadline for the 1st call for 2015 is May 14, 2015.

Simons Graduate Fellowships in Theoretical Computer Science

The Simons Foundation has put out a call for applications for the Simons Award for Graduate Students in Theoretical Computer Science program. From the solicitation: “These awards will be made to graduate students with an outstanding track record of research accomplishments.” “…the foundation seeks to identify and support these emerging stars by providing additional support to enable them to freely pursue their research interests.” “The award is not intended to replace the regular academic-year support of these outstanding students.”

The awards are for a period of two years (June 2015 to May 2017) for up to $24,000 per year.

Application deadline: February 12, 2015.

US-Israel BSF travel grants for PhD students

The US-Israel Binational Science Foundation Prof. Rahamimoff Travel Grants Program for young Scientists is open for submissions. The current deadline is Dec. 3, 2014 and the next deadline will be in the spring of 2015. The program supports research-related travel of PhD students (only) between the U.S. and Israel.

The Call for Proposals and Instructions can be found in the following BSF website page:    http://www.bsf.org.il/ElectronicSubmission/GatewayFormsAndGuidelines.aspx?PageId=7&innerTextID=0

NSF Graduate Research Fellowships

NSF Graduate Research Fellowships provide 3 years of funding for US citizens and permanent residents pursuing research-based master’s and doctoral degrees in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics disciplines who are at accredited US institutions.    Students can apply as late as the fall term of their second year of graduate school.    The deadline for applications in computer science is November 4; applications in mathematical sciences are due November 5.

Simons Awards for Graduate Students in TCS

The Simons Foundation Division for Mathematics and the Physical Sciences invites applications for the  Simons Award for Graduate Students in Theoretical Computer Science program. These awards will be made to graduate students with an outstanding track record of research accomplishments.  To be eligible the applicant must be a graduate student who has completed two, three or four years at a U.S. or Canadian institution of higher education. A track record of outstanding results in theoretical computer science is the key criterion.  Deadline: February 7, 2013.

Another upcoming Simons deadline (January 31, 2013) is for the Collaboration Grants for Mathematicians program, which will make a large number of grants to accomplished, active researchers who do not otherwise have access to substantial research funding that supports travel and visitors.


Simons Institute for ToC: Opportunities and Deadlines

The Simons Institute for the Theory of Computing would like to announce the following opportunities and deadlines:

First annual round of Research Fellow positions (deadline Jan 15, 2013).
Biannual call for program proposals (deadline Dec 15, 2012).
New (temporary) website, which in addition to the above also gives details of upcoming programs and other activities in 2013-14.

The topics of the research programs for Fall 2013 are “Real Analysis in Computer Science” and “Theoretical Foundations of Big Data Analysis,” and the topics for Spring 2014 are “Algorithms and Models in Evolutionary Biology” and “Quantum Hamiltonian Complexity.”

Upcoming deadlines

Two upcoming deadlines:

  • NSF Expeditions.  For ambitious projects involving a large team, funded at a level up to $2m/year for up to 5 years. Princeton’s CCI is one such expedition.  Preliminary Proposal Deadline: March 10.
  • Women in Theory workshop being held at Princeton June 23-27, 2012. Intended for graduate and undergraduate students in the area of theory of computer science.   Application Deadline: February 29.

Postdoc positions

A quick roundup of postdoc and faculty positions currently advertised at http://intractability.princeton.edu/jobs/ whose deadlines have not yet passed:

Check http://intractability.princeton.edu/jobs/ for further updates.

Two announcements of potential interest to TCS students

1. Simons Graduate Fellowships in TCS: intended for students who have already produced significant results in TCS, this fellowship provides support for two years plus includes travel funds.  At most one application per university, so coordinate with your department chair. The Simons foundation anticipates making roughly 5 awards.  Deadline is May 1, 2012More information.

2. IAS summer school in Computation and Biology, July 9-20, 2012, will explore topics at the interface of theoretical computer science, statistical physics and quantitative biology.  Organizers are Bernard Chazelle, David Huse, and Stanislas Leibler. Information about application procedures and a program schedule can be found on the website: www.ias.edu/pitp.  The program is intended for both PhD students and postdocs.  Application deadline: March 1, 2012. Here is a publicity poster.