Simons Institute Symposium on Visions for the Theory of Computing

The Simons Institute held an inspiring Symposium on Visions for the Theory of Computing at the end of May.  You can read a summary of the talks by Christos Papadimitriou and watch videos of the presentations.

Presentation at STOC business meeting

Here are the slides from the STOC 2013 CATCS Report.  Probably the most important slide is the list of upcoming deadlines:

CATCS Report at FOCS 2012

I have posted the slides from my presentation at FOCS 2012 at

Some items of note:

– We continually need good people from our community to serve at NSF.  This is a great service to the TCS community and can be a rewarding experience.  If you are potentially interested, please contact us and we can help you find out more about what would be involved.

– There are a number of upcoming deadlines of note:

•11/30: Many ACM Award Nominations

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