Contributed Vision Nuggets

The SIGACT Committee for the Advancement of Theoretical Computer Science invites members of the TCS community to contribute their own ideas for TCS Vision Nuggets. The goal is to highlight research directions in TCS that have potential for large impact in the future, and to help the SIGACT Committee, the Computing Community Consortium, and others argue for the importance of long-term, fundamental computing research to nonspecialists (e.g. science advisors for senators).

If you have a nugget ideas to contribute, please add it below, with your ideas for a title, tagline, summary, and possible images, and send an email to tcsvisions AT to let us know about it. If we receive enough submissions, we will periodically select nuggets for editing and professional graphic design.

For more information and inspiration, you may wish to look at the final nuggets, working pages, and pre-workshop brainstorming from the first TCS visioning effort. Feel free to expand upon any of unfinished ideas on those pages as well as introduce completely new ones.

  • The Computational Principles of Learning
    • Proposed by: Avrim Blum
    • Tagline: How can computers best learn from data, adapt to their users, and improve performance with experience?
    • Nugget Text (html)
    • Image ideas: (1) Person explaining something to robot. Person has thought-bubble with various ideas or objects in human-understandable form. Robot has thought-bubble with blue and red points in space separated by some curve. Perhaps this is occuring while person is walking through a park, gesturing with one hand and having robot walking next to him/her). (2) Computer with large stream of bits/data/etc being fed in and thought-bubble with different ideas overhead.
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