Nugget Working Pages

Visions for TCS: Nugget Working Pages

Nugget Working Pages | What is a Vision Nugget? | Sources of Inspiration

The pages below show some of the process and discussion that led to the final nuggets, as well as ideas that were not used due (but may serve as inspiration for future efforts).

Note: These nuggets are meant to help promote TCS and CS broadly and at a high level, not to say which areas within TCS are most important or should be funded. Many central research areas are not represented here at all, and this is due only to the limited size of our effort. We hope there will be more such efforts in the future. See also comments by Leonid Levin.

Working Pages for Completed Nuggets

Nuggets with Drafts/Outlines of Text

Unwritten Nuggets

Pre-workshop brainstorming.

What is a Vision Nugget?

Each vision nugget should include:

  • A title
  • A tag line
  • A logo/image
  • A one-paragraph summary description in language understandable by people outside of theory (such as science advisors for senators)
  • A longer, but not too long, rationale that still has to be understandable by non-specialists.

The first three items should be thought of as something that can fit on a powerpoint slide, such as the talks being given by CCC Chairman Ed Lazowska (see slides 6-10 of this talk).

Sources of Inspiration

The nuggets may draw ideas and inspiration from visioning efforts by the TCS community, such as:

Some additional sources of inspiration suggested by participants:


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